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Government attention or to stimulate market demand increase in water treatment field

 China chemical machinery plant network arrangement: recently, in the 12 th at a meeting of the National People's Congress news center held a press conference, the National People's Congress, member of Chinese academy of engineering Mr. Meng introduce, water special annual plan is formulating in 2014, is expected to RMB 1 billion to 2 billion.

    Water special is one of the national science and technology major projects. Mr. Meng indicate, the special project in 2006, launched in 2008, the project was a total 78, 358 research carried out, the central government to support RMB 5.5 billion of funds, combined with local matching funds, total about more than RMB 80 million. Special water, has invested RMB ten billions.

    On the same occasion, vice chairman of the CPPCC national committee, ministry of science and technology minister Mr. Wang indicate, Water special project in order to typical pollution manage in our country for the target, and to the rest of the country to provide the generality of technology , complete sets of equipment, driving the development of environmental protection industry.

    Previously, the industry consensus forecasts, the government pay close attention to the strength of the increase or will stimulate water treatment industry market demand increase . Societe Security analyst Mr. Ji said bullish on China's water treatment industry's future growth, the membrane water treatment equipment has faster growth rate and higher profit margins, membrane water treatment technology manufacturers is sewage capacity upgrading and transforming the biggest beneficiaries.

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